Cutting is necessary in metal fabrication to create the appropriate size and shape for a product. At LaCrosse, we offer the following services to cut metal:

Nissinbo 30 Ton Turret Punch Press

Our Nissinbo 30 Ton Turret Punch Press is a great solution for standard, high-volume projects because of its accuracy and speed. By using the CNC Turret Punch Press, we are able to produce products with a quick turnaround time and consistent results.

CNC Tianqi Yag Laser Machine

Our CNC Tianqi Yag Laser Machine is ideal for custom work and projects with unique geometry because of its outstanding accuracy. Some clients prefer the CNC Laser Machine because it is faster than a punch press without sacrificing precision.


Shearing is a method of cutting metal primarily used to produce straight-line cuts to effectively separate the material. LaCrosse has the capability to shear up to a quarter-inch of mild steel, regardless of whether the project is high or low volume.
Featuring: Wysong and Famco Shears up to 10 feet long