Finishing is often the final step in the process of metal fabrication. Plastisol coating is the finish we most often use at LaCrosse. Plastisol is a tough coating that offers superior corrosion and impact resistance. For that reason, we recommend and specialize in plastisol coatings. We offer plastisol coatings for a wide variety applications including the automotive industry and material handling industry. As experts in building roller cores, we prefer and use plastisol for the high-quality results it yields for our roller products.

Plastisol coatings have a wide variety of uses and advantages. Plastisol is:

  • Ideal for providing grip
  • Good for insulation
  • Resilient to wear

At LaCrosse, we primarily offer plastisol finishing because of the durability and quality of a plastisol coating. We can also offer a powder coat or painted finish, depending on your needs. Contact us today to discuss the right finish for your project.